Gerry is a writer and humorist. His humour is about the challenges of life, and using humour to make life more bearable.

As well as humorous writing, Gerry has performed stand-up comedy, improvisation, vlogs and live comic poetry and songs.




Doing stand-up at Brighton Comedy Festival:


Gerry ranting about how annoying people are:


Gerry messing about, making up a spontaneous song about life, with bad ukelele:


The expectedness of the unexpected: a ground-breaking theory:

Teaching comedy improv:


Performing live comic poetry and songs


Gerry’s spoof Country-and-western song (sound file)
instrumental backing by Richard Durrant:


“Ode to a stool” – reflections on being asked for a sample:


A humorous poetic diatribe against bad language:


An exploration of just how many other words you can get to rhyme with one word: