New ‘Write Your Book’ course
Shoreham by Sea

Gerry is offering a fourth series of classes for writers in Shoreham, running monthly on the first Thursday of each month, from 7 to 8.30pm.

Is there a book you’d like to start writing or make progress on? This very practical hands-on course for anyone is anywhere in the process of creating or publishing their book, fiction or non-fiction. You might want to move forward with:

    • thinking up what your book is about in the first place
    • planning the book and its overall shape
    • writing or editing the material
    • getting feedback on what you’ve written
    • getting the book published and read

Places are limited and must be booked and paid for in advance. The course fee is £75, which can be paid to Gerry by bank transfer or Paypal.


The course is project oriented. At each class, every participant has the opportunity to talk about their own project – what stage they’re at, what obstacles they’re facing – and plan what they will do next, with the support of me and the group. Everyone then goes away and works on the project before reporting back at the next meeting. Some people read extracts of what they’ve done.

Some participants are at very early stages of the process, even just looking at ideas, while others are further on down the line. It has worked well for the previous three roll-outs of the course. Participants have made great progress on projects they may have had on the back burner, often for a long time. It’s a very supportive environment.

Although there are no writing exercise sessions as such, much learning about effective writing that will be helpful for everyone naturally arises in the course of looking at individuals’ projects. This includes principles such as:

  • developing one’s writing style
  • overcoming obstacles
  • getting work done
  • developing one’s own writing ‘voice’
  • editing and improving existing material

If someone has to miss one of the meetings, they can send in work to be read to the group, and feedback can be provided.


“Great course, with thoughtful helpful guidance and encouragement. I highly recommend Gerry’s writing class.” – previous  participant


Author Gerry Thompson with his latest book

Gerry specialises in writing humour, mind-body-spirit and nature content.
His new book is out now on Amazon:

Front cover of book on rewilding an urban garden

“The King has asked me to thank you for the copy of your book that you so generously sent. As you will know, His Majesty is deeply committed to protecting the natural world, and so your thoughtful message is truly appreciated.” – Buckingham Palace

“I really love this delightful, upbeat book”
– multi-award-winning nature writer Mark Cocker

“Lovely book….utterly charming, and infectious in its enthusiasm. An inspiration to those  seeking to connect more closely with the wildlife on their doorstep. I really enjoyed it, and liked the quirky humour. Humour is something which is sometimes lacking in books about nature”
– Award-winning nature writer Neil Ansell

“My missus loves your wonderful book, Gerry, couldn’t put it down. Her mum had been really poorly for her last few months with us; so she used to read your book to mum, sitting for hours just reading it to her, that will have such wonderful memories for her.” – Phil M

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