Gerry Maguire Thompson is a writer, humorist and author consultant


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Gerry’s books, humorous and serious have sold over half a million copies worldwide in more than thirty languages

Gerry also supports other authors in getting their books written and out there: click here

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background history

Gerry was born in Tipperary, Ireland, and grew up in Belfast. In 1977 he undertook a life-changing journey through Afghanistan, Kashmir and the Himalayas. Returning home, he gave up his career in architecture to become a ‘spiritual seeker’. Wishing to do things properly, Thompson relocated to the USA, and immersed himself in the Californian hotbed of New-Ageism – doing every workshop, undergoing every healing, following every guru and consulting every psychic in sight and becoming a holistic health practitioner. For some time he humorously channeled a dodgy spiritual entity by the name of Guru Chikkentikkananda.

In 1985, Gerry was initiated into the esoteric buddhist Kalichakra tradition in the mountains of Switzerland by His Holiness the Dalai Lama of  Tibet. He then became a professional author, writing on subjects of holistic health, wellbeing and humour.

Gerry ran Positive Comedy for 20 years, training people in comedy, improvisation and public speaking, and performing standup, improv and his own one-man shows.

Gerry has been a professional writer for thirty years, specialising in humour,  personal and professional development, and nature. He also mentors other authors in getting their books written and out to an audience.

Gerry attended Belfast Royal Academy and attained a BSC hons and MA degree from Queen’s University Belfast.

“To me, life is about sorting out your personal issues, creating freedom, living your dream, fulfilling your potential, expressing your own unique creativity – and supporting others in doing the same. And having fun doing so.”

Gerry is president of the Association of Pedants Opposing Pronounic Laxity & Encouraging Competent Terminology & Interlocutory Correctness

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